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When you work with Elevating Adventures, you are working with a partner who is committed to creating one of a kind travel tailored to your needs and expectations. You will receive support every step of the way with a process that is designed to protect your time and investment.

Hi, I'm Jessica

I am dedicated to creating curated itineraries that check all of your boxes - from bucket lists to tight budgets. Every step of the process has you, the traveler, in mind.

My Story

Traveling has always been a part of my life and I have my parents to thank for that.  We always traveled somewhere new during summer breaks – the Pacific Northwest, New England, Hawaii and everywhere in between!

My love for travel started there and really blossomed when I was 18 and took my first trip to Europe. I was hooked! I made it my mission to travel to Europe several times on my own during summer breaks in college. I really love traveling to Europe, especially Germany!

I knew that when I got married and had kids, I wanted travel to be a part of their childhood.  I started planning travel in 2019 so I could continue to give my family the opportunity to travel. 

Elevating Adventures begins...

In an unofficial capacity, I've been helping family and friends plan travel for years! My love of Disneyland and Disney vacations is what prompted me to create a business out of this passion. I still love planning Disney vacations, but I'm much more than a Disney Travel Advisor. Group travel with extended family in Europe and a River Cruise through Switzerland, France, Germany, and the Netherlands led to my aha moment!  I realized a 9-5 office job may not be for me forever! And…my excitement for international travel and helping others experience their dream vacations further expanded my services. 

As a mom to a daughter with disabilities, my goal is to help other families explore the world- on their terms. Traveling with someone who has special needs can come with extra challenges. I know this first hand and I've learned what works and what doesn’t work for us. Because of this, I am motivated to help anyone with the desire to travel do so. 

Let's connect and make your vision a reality. I look forward to working with you!

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Elevating Adventures is dedicated to creating curated itineraries that check ALL of your boxes.

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